About smallspend

smallspend is a tool to help you track and analyze your spending on your mobile phone and your home computer. It doesn't do all the work for you and that's by design. You should pay attention to your money like a responsible human being.

Why did you build smallspend?

For some reason we could never find a very simple tool to just keep track of what we spent. We created smallspend to be the easiest, most convenient way for you to track your spending.

Who should use smallspend?

If you're like us and you spend money but don't keep track of every cent because it's hard or you're lazy, then smallspend is probably for you.

There are a few people who won't be able to use smallspend. You probably won't need smallspend if:

  • You keep an Excel spreadsheet of every purchase (and that's easy enough for you)
  • You only pay by credit card and handed your bank logins to some other website run by people you'll never meet (and you're happy with that).

Why should I use this instead of other services?

smallspend is mobile. And by 'mobile', we mean 'awesome'.

If you have an iPhone or you use Twitter on your mobile phone, then smallspend is probably for you.

Don't set it and forget it

Sure there are services that automatically synch up all of your financial information, but the whole point is to pay attention to the money you spend. After entering all of your usernames and passwords, how often do you really check in to curb your spending? Once a month? Once a week at most? Never?

Change your habits

Create new habits, not new things to ignore. smallspend makes recording your purchases second nature. Use the website. Punch in your purchase on the iPhone app. Text in the transaction using Twitter. After a while, it'll be a habit, kind of like balancing a checkbook was to your grandmother. And she spends a lot less money than you.

My MOM doesn't know all of my usernames and passwords

If you haven't handed the woman who gave you life your usernames and passwords, why would you hand them over to some website in Tijuana. OK, so maybe it's not in Tijuana, but do you really trust some site just because there's a badge on it? With smallspend, we don't want your Bank of America passwords. Seriously, we wouldn't even know what to do with them.

There's this stuff called cash...

Call us old school, but we still use cash to buy stuff. If you're using one of those sites that "automatically categorizes your spending for you," you're still going to have to manually stick in your cash spending anyway. Bummer. Well, or you could just pretend like that unfortunate night in Vegas didn't happen. Nice!

Who are you guys?

We're a few folks who were tired of looking for something really simple.

Let us know what you think at admin@smallspend.com